Conceptual Art is art in which the idea or concept presented by the artist is considered more important than the finished art object. It proclaims itself to be an art of the mind rather than the senses. It is characterized by the use of different media and supports, along with a variety of temporary, found and everyday materials.

We challenged ourselves to create Conceptual Art with fiber and/or fiber techniques where the idea behind the art is as important or more important than the finished work. 

FiberArt NorthEast (FANE) is a group of artists working in fiber from CT, NY, and NJ, who enjoy pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished with fiber and fiber-inspired techniques. This year's exhibit, Who, What, Wear, explores the idea of "garments" as conceptual art. 

For more information about FANE, please visit their site, FiberArtNorthEast.com.

Participating artists: Nike Cutsumpas, Jane Davila, Cindy Drake, Tamar Drucker, Judy Gignesi, Raina Lynn, Ashley Mackey, Gloria Michaelis, Nancy Mirman, Claire Oehler, Barbara Sferra, Linda Stern, Joyce Sullivan