The 2016 Central Adirondack Art Show

May 7 - June 12, 2016

The Central Adirondack Art show is a long-standing Old Forge tradition, showcasing some of the finest artists from throughout the Central Adirondack Region and beyond. Held for the first time in 1952, by View founder Miriam Kashiwa in her front yard, the Central Adirondack Art Show is a testament to the significant place the arts hold within the hearts and minds of the residents and visitors to the Adirondacks. The exhibition is open to all artists, age 16 and up working in any media (except sound, video and film).

Join us on Saturday May 7th from 5-7pm for an opening reception celebrating the Central Adirondack Art Show, and solo exhibitions by Bob Erickson, James Bellucci, Nancy Mills, and Tracy Genovese.

Awards Judge: Sandra Hildreth

Sandra Hildreth is an active working artist and member of the Adirondack Artists Guild Gallery, a co-op gallery in Saranac Lake, NY. She graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, plus teacher certification, and taught high school art in northern NY for 31 years. Her oil and watercolor paintings are in many private collections, including St. Lawrence University. Hildreth is a founding member of Saranac Lake ArtWorks and created and organizes the annual Adirondack Plein Air Festival.


Many thanks to the generosity of our donors, View is able to provide the following prizes to participating artists in the 2016 Central Adirondack Art Show. Each award winner will receive a traditional handmade Adirondack Chip Award, while monetary prizes awarded vary from year to year.

Masters Division Awards in Memory of Edna V. Tillman

  • 1st prize, $200: Ingrid Van Slyke, Old Jewel of the Lake
  • 2nd Prize, $100: Marion Kratky, Along the Bank
  • 3rd Prize, $100: Robert Imundo, Moon•Raven

Special Incentive Awards

  • Stevenson Hume Evan Scholarship Donated in memory of Edna V. Tillman, $500: Kathleen O'Brien, First Light
  • The Cinque-Maloney Artist with a Disability Award, $100: Tim Welch, Ellen's Bay

Special Category Awards

  • The Miriam D. Kahsiwa Award, $100: Howard W. Bolte, Canoeing Calm Waters
  • DiSpirito Award for Outstanding Sculpture, $50: Henley, Wild Horses
  • Outstanding Ceramic, $100: Peter Shrope, Orb Vase
  • Outstanding Abstract in memory of Virginia & Joseph Di Fazio, $100: Roscha Folger, Sand Surf, and Sunshine
  • Outstanding Landscape, $100: Penny Santy, Mount Colden
  • Outstanding Watercolor in honor of Roger and Kitty Blind, $50: Celia Clark, Monday's Child
  • Outstanding Portrait given by the Loretta Lepkowksi & Peter Ostrum Family, $100: David Beale, Gene
  • Outstanding Photograph: In Memory of Harold & Lois Luther, $100: Gary Larsen, Vanishing Peer
  • Outstanding Adirondack Themed, $100: Emily Gibbons, Bachelorettes on Bald Mountain

Masters Division

  • Time Ames, Cape Cod
  • Howard Arndt, Bissel Bridge
  • Celia Clark, Monday's Child
  • Ruth Crotty, Up Beet and Down Beet
  • Roscha Folger, Sand, Surf, and Sunshine
  • Gary Larsen, Vanishing Pier
  • Johanna Lerwick, Morning Light
  • Linda Naske, Silk Road Stroll
  • Anastasia Osolin, 64J Repeating Coil
  • Penny Santy, Mount Colden
  • Peter Shrope, Orb Vase
  • Laura Stegmaier, Great Grey
  • Eleanor Sweeney, Sunflowers
  • Louise Woodward, The Wild Ones
  • Janet Marie Yeates, September Song

Open Show Awards

  • 3-Dimensional
    • First Place: Anastasia Osolin, 64J Repeating Coil
    • Second Place: William Whitehill, Pinky Wren
    • Third Place: Mark Swanberry, Apple Branch with Paper Wasp Nest
  • Drawing
    • First Place: Linda Naske, Silk Road Stroll
    • Second Place: Nancy Mills, Self Portrait
    • Third Place: Thomas Yacovella, The Hart Desireth the Waterbrook
  • Mixed Media/Digital
    • First Place: Sandra Kirker, Moondream
    • Second Place: Sarah Price, The Magic Umbrella
    • Third Place: Lory Black, Good Morning World
  • Painting
    • First Place: Ruth Crotty, Up Beet and Down Beet
    • Second Place: Louise Woodward, The Wild Ones
    • Third Place: Doug Jamieson, Self Portrait with Monkey
  • Photography
  • First Place: Howard Arndt, Bissell Bridge
  • Second Place: Deborah Smith, Barred Owl
  • Third Place: Anthony Rabasca, The Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park

Participating Artists

Neal H. Allen West Winfield, NY
Jo Ambrose Frankfort, NY
Tim Ames Oswego, NY
Howard Arndt Amherst, NH
Sarah Banker Schuyler Falls, NY
Wendy L. Barrett Leonardsville, NY
Amy Bartel Old Forge, NY
Susan Beadle Queensbury, NY
David Beale Cortland, NY
Kathleen Beale Cortland, NY
Diane Bellenger Rochester, NY
Diane E. Berry Westernville, NY
John Biernat New Hartford, NY
Fran Bliek Himrod, NY
Sandra Blostein Pine Beach, NJ
Bud Bolte Hamilton, NY
Joanne Bramley Qeensbury, NY
Virginia Braun Webster, NY
Stephen Brucker Camillus, NY
James Bullard Potsdam, NY
Lucinda Getty Bush Cicero, NY
Cory E. Card Old Forge, NY
Terri Lynn Carter Liverpool, NY
Heather Caufield Old Forge, NY
Celia Clark Oneonta, NY
Onorita Chebiniak Cato, NY
William Christopherson Watertown, NY
Celia Clark Oneonta, NY
Darlene Croniser Lyons Falls, NY
Ruth Crotty Saratoga Springs, NY
Norman Davies Chenango Forks, NY
Donna De Traglia Colebeck Marietta, GA
Martha Deming Remsen, NY
Naomi DeMuth Cazenovia, NY
Nancy DiDonato Diamond Point, NY
Jeanne Dupre Constantia, NY
Marie C. Elefante Utica, NY
Agnes Farrugia Liverpool, NY
Suzanne Firsching Frankfort, NY
Lauren Fix Old Forge, NY
Montana Fletcher Clinton, NY
Stephen Fletcher  Forestport, NY 
Beatrice Foley Brick, NJ
Roscha  Folger Manlius, NY
Milton Franson Liverpool, NY
Robert Furda Perth, NY
Anita L. Garzione Sherburne, NY
M.J. Gelsomino Alder Creek, NY
Emily Gibbons Cortland, NY
Helga E. Gilbert Cicero, NY
Mark Hannah Clinton, NY
Frank Hanretty Forestport, NY
Henley Dexter, NY
Kathy Houston Marion, NY
Robert Imundo Old Forge, NY
Doug Jamieson Treadwell, NY
Virginia Johnson Aurora, NY
Susan Kiesel Saquoit, NY
Sandra Kirker Binghamton, NY
Greg Klein Old Forge, NY
Karen M. Kliewe Turin, NY
Patrick Knapp Clinton, NY
Jacquelyn  Koba Boonville, NY
Marion Kratky Northville, NY
Kaleb Ladd-Cocca Warrensburg, NY
Jeanne Lampson Natural Bridge, NY
Diane Lange Utica, NY
Gary Larsen Edinburg, NY
Ronald Larsen Canton, NY
Gary Lee Inlet, NY
Meredith Leonard Syracuse, NY
Loretta Lepkowski Gelnfield, NY
Johanna  Lerwick Norwich, NY
Gabrielle Lodder Webster, NY
Pamela Vogan Lynch Oneida, NY
Melva Max New Hartford, NY
Carol McMahon Cold Brook, NY
Eleanor Milborrow Rochester, NY
Nancy H. Mills Doylestown, PA
 Joanna Monroe Hudson Falls, NY
Rae Monteleone Dewitt, NY
Tony Mulet Utica, NY
Mary P. Murphy Barneveld, NY
Lynda Naske Johnstown, NY
Kathleen O'Brien Cicero, NY
Jessica Olm Wevertown, NY
Anastasia Osolin Saranac Lake, NY
David Oster Utica, NY
Cynthia Parish North Syracuse, NY
Robert B. Partridge New Hartford, NY
Kathy R. Partridge Clinton, NY
David Patterson Old Forge, NY
E. A. Pilbeam Cazenovia, NY
Gary Price Whitesboro, NY
Sarah Price Whitesboro, NY 
Arlene Pritzker Syracuse, NY
Anthony Rabasca Rome, NY
T. Alexander  Rand Clinton, NY
Peter Rashford Cold Brook, NY
Linda Reed Constantia, NY
Lynn Reichhart Westernville, NY
Peter P. Ricci New Hartford, NY
Susan K. Ross Old Forge, NY
Susan Runyon Wilmington, NY
Carol Saggese Oneonta, NY
Bonnie Sanderson Remsen, NY
Peter Shrope Rainbow Lake, NY
Thomas Slocum Syracuse, NY
Sean Smith West Winfield, NY
Deborah Ann Smith New Berlin, NY
Joyce Snavlin Tully, NY
Michele Southgate Oswego
Renee Stark Lee Center, NY
Laura Stegmaier Clay, NY
Donna Stoner Syracuse, NY
Gerhardt Storsberg Remsen, NY
Tina Strutz Liverpool, NY
Mark Swanberry West Fulton, NY
Eleanor Sweeney Saranac Lake, NY
Grace Tagliaferris Rome, NY
Jan Tighe Pulaski, NY
Joan B. Tripp Sag Harbor, NY
Carol Van Riper Camden, NY
Ingrid Van Slyke Lake Placid, NY
Lorraine Van Hatten Barneveld, NY
Marilyn Vona Minon, NY
David G. Waite Ballston Lake, NY
Sarah Walseman Carthage, NY
Constance Watkins Utica, NY
Tim Welch West Winfield, NY
Catharine J. Westlake Forestport, NY
William Whitehill New Hartford, NY
Jeanne Whyte Inlet, NY
Frank Wilcox Little Falls, NY
Shirley G. Williams West Winfield, NY
Ed Williams Remsen, NY
Dale Wolfe Inlet, NY
Louise Woodward Mattydale, NY
Jeri Wright Wilmington, NY
Thomas Yacovella Utica, NY
Janet Marie Yeates Northville, NY
Johanna Zeszutko Rome, NY


Important Dates

  • 2/8/16                                  Preregistation Opens
  • 4/22/16                                Last day to receive shipped work
  • 4/22/16-4/23/16                   Acceptance of Hand Delivered work, 10am-4pm
  • 4/25/16-4/26/16                   Acceptance of Hand Delivered work, 10am–4pm
  • 4/26/16                                Last Day to Enter
  • 5/3/16                                  Judging of Awards
  • 5/5/16                                  Award Winners Notified
  • 5/7/16                                  Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony, 5-7pm
  • 6/12/16                                Exhibition Closes, 4pm        
  • 6/13/16                                Pick-up begins, 10am
  • 6/20/16                                Last day to pick-up work

Please direct any questions regarding the exhibition to View curator Cory E. Card ccard@viewarts.org

Gallery Hours are Saturday through Tuesday 9am - 5pm, Wednesday - Friday 9am - 9pm

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