2019 Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors

August 3 - September 29, 2019

2019 Adirondack National Exhibition of American Watercolors

Each year View holds the Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors, which is open to all artists working in water based media. This includes transparent and opaque watercolors, acrylics, casein, egg tempera, gouache and ink. 


Juror of Selection: Richard Sneary, NWS

An architect and renowned architectural illustrator, Richard Sneary has over the last 3 years also begun painting en plein air in watercolor. His background as an architect / illustrator of architecture often compels him to include something of the built environment, whether it's a town square, back yards, an alley, old derelict structure, marina, trains, bridges, an industrial structure, or fence posts on a farm.  Like many artists, Richard is drawn to subjects by light and color, but also by the sense of place, its character, and the story he sees in it, and it is the juxtaposition of light, color, contrast, form, abstraction, and detail that make the stories work.  Richard is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and Missouri Watercolor Society, a member of the American Watercolor Society, and a member of Missouri Valley Impressionist Society. Recent awards include 1st Place in Fast & Fresh at Plein Air Richmond 2013, 1st Place in Quick Paint at Easels in Frederick 2013, 1st & 3rd Place in watercolor at 2013 Stems Plein Air Paint, Honorable Mention at Wayne Plein Air 2013, Best of Show at the 2012 Missouri Valley Impressionist Society Inaugural Juried Exhibition, 3rd Place Award at 2012 Plein Air Vermont, Best Architectural Award for the 2012 Plein Air Easton competition, and Best of Show in the 2011 Stems Plein Air Paint.  His work is represented by Strecker-Nelson Gallery in Manhattan, Kansas.


Juror of Awards: Kathleen Giles, NWS, WHS

Kathleen is an artist that works primarily in watercolor and is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, American Women Artists, the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, the Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society and a member of the Watercolor USA Honor Society. Her work is defined by strong values and intense colors on a variety of subjects. The artist is self-taught and works in a realistic style that also showcases the “washy” look of watercolor. She teaches two eight week sessions each year at the Kenan Center in Lockport, N.Y. and teaches workshops in the U.S and Canada.  Kathleen has co-hosted a weekly cable show on Lockport Cable television entitled “Watercolors with Jody and Kathy”, since the fall of 2012.


The Beechmont First & Gold Medallion
Donor: Rosetta & Matt DeVito, Baltimore, MD and Old Forge, NY
A Hard Working Man, Daniel K. Tennant

The Ruth G. Rosenau Silver Medallion
Donor: Lorraine & Ben Alexander, Rydal, PA and Old Forge, NY
Ring Masters Coat, Christine Alfery, ISAP, PWS, PWCS, IWS, MOWS, WW, RRWS, KWS, MTWS

The Morrison Family Memorial Award
Donor: R.P..... Morrison Family, Vero Beach, FL and Old Forge, NY
Reflections of Winter, John Keepax

The Judith & A. Richard Cohen Abstraction Award
Donor: Miriam Davis Kashiwa Fund, Old Forge, NY
A Touch of Blue, Todd Chalk

The Garnet Award in Memory of Howard Slater
Donor: R.P. Morrison Family, Vero Beach, FL and Old Forge, NY
Brandied Pears, Chris Krupinski, AWS-df, WHS, TWSA-MA, NWS, WW

Adirondack Express Award for Strong Narrative Content
Donor: The Adirondack Express Newspaper, Old Forge, NY
Charting My Destiny, Kathleen Conover, AWS-DF, NWS, TWSA-MA

Forest Runes Award in Memory of Scott Stuart
Donor: Mrs. Penny Stuart, Inlet, NY
Garden Patrol, Ron Thurston, AWS

Three Smart Sisters Award for Soft-Edged Expressionism
Donor: Krisjann & John VanOpdorp, Winchester, MA
Bougainvillea, Tom Francesconi, AWS, NWS, TWSA

Tina Wolfe Memorial Award
Donor: Dr. & Mrs. Edward Nathan, Las Vegas, NV & Old Forge, NY
Split Trail, Catherine O’Neill, AWS, NWS, TWSA

Realism in Nature Award
Donor: John B. Nolan, Brecksville, OH, and Arnold Drooz, in spirit
Glen Burnie, Celia Clark, AWS, NWS, WHS

Martin Family Award
Donor: Dr. & Mrs. Robert Martin, Rochester, NY & Old Forge, NY
Menominee at the Pow Wow, Eileen Mueller Neill, NWS, WHS, TWS, WW, NEWS

The Burstein Family Award (in memory of Dorothea and Albert Gordon and Alan Burstein)
Donor: Mrs. Alan Burstein, Fayetteville, NY and Old Forge NY
Daybreak, Howard Eberle, AWS, NWS, TWSA, ISEA, WHS

The H. Samuel Slater Memorial Award for Landscape,
Realistic or Imaginative
Donor: Hilary and Peter Crist, Stockton, NJ, Jennifer and Jeffrey Posner, Scottsdale, AZ
Reflecting, John Bierley, AWS, BWS, PWS

The Arthur E. Baker, Jr. and Barbara S. Baker Memorial Award
Donor: The Baker Family, Santa Fe, NM, Manlius, NY, & Old Forge, NY
Once Upon A Time, John Wulfmeyer, WSNC, WAA

Ben Emerson Memorial: “Eye for Color” Award
Donor: The Emerson Family, Rochester, NY
Thai Series, Chewing Betelnut, Marnie Becker, AWS

Friedlander Award
Donor: The Sidney Friedlander Family, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Walls of Zion, Dean Mitchell, AWS, NWS

W. B. Romeling Award
Donor: W. B. Romeling Memorial Fund
Dos Hermanas, Ken Call, AWS, NWS, TWSA MA, MOWS, IWS, MS, MTWS, WHS

Pulsifer Award
Donor: William & Barbara Pulsifer, Rochester, NY & Old Forge, NY
Fishtown, Ratindra Das, AWS(DF), NWS, TWSA(DM), WW Master

The Kashiwa Legacy Award
Donor: The grandchildren of Henry and Miriam Kashiwa
The Sleepover, Carol Vanderpool

Trails & Streams Medallion for Woodland Theme
Donor: Adirondack League Club, Old Forge, NY
Sky Blue Waters, Kris Parins , AWS, NWS, TWSA, WW

Exhibition Award
Donor: Burkhard Evans Inc., Inlet, NY
Fishing on the Firehole River, Catherine Hearding, AWS, TWSA

Gurdon & Mildred Evans Memorial Award
Donor: Robert & Jennifer Evans Fitzgibbon, Rome, NY
Brighton Beach Cyclist, Susan Weintraub, AWS

The Karen and Gary Lee Award
Donor: Karen and Gary Lee, Inlet, NY
Together Forever, Thomas Rebek

Upper Hudson Valley Watercolor Society Award
Donor: The Upper Hudson Valley Watercolor Society, North River, NY
Afternoon Glow, Ann Pember, AWS

The Segaul Family Award
Donor: Dr. & Mrs. Robert Segaul, Plantation, FL & Old Forge, NY
Tracks, Michael Ridge

Margaret & William Foley Award
Donor: Their Children, Utica and Old Forge, NY
Simply Tom, Carol Siracuse

Old Forge Hardware Award
Donor: The Old Forge Hardware Inc., Old Forge, NY
Sunspots, Martha M. Deming, TWSA, PSA

All Participating Artists

Christine Alfery
Sue Archer
Denise Athanas
Ron Beahn
Marnie Becker
Judi Betts
John Bierley
Thomas Bucci
Sharon Burke
Ken Call
Todd Chalk
Celia Clark
David Colon Jr.
Kathleen Conover
Mark Cudney
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum
Ratindra Das
Roger De Muth
Martha M. Deming
Howard Eberle
Patrick Faile
Z.L. Feng
Tom Francesconi
Antoaneta Georgieva
Laurie Goldstein-Warren
William Graf
Cindi Handy
Catherine Hearding
John Hewitt
Joyce Hicks
Cheryl Johnson
Kim Johnson
John Keepax
Ona Kingdon
Chris Krupinski
Jeanne Lampson
Bonnie Latham
Karen Latham
Susan Lynn
Jeffery Mathison
Bruce Mccombs
Carol McSweeney
Dean Mitchell
Kyle Mort
Eileen Mueller Neill
Elaine Nunnally
Catherine P. O’Neill
Elizabeth Oberman
Janet Palmer
Gay Paratore
Kris Parins
Ann Pember
Frederick Raiser
Thomas Rebek
Michael Ridge
Bob Ripley
Michele Rofrano
William Rogers
Thomas Schroeder
Carol Siracuse
Roland Stevens
Dashuai Sun
Don Taylor
Daniel K. Tennant
Ron Thurston
Carol Vanderpool
William Vrscak
Susan Weintraub
E. Gordon West
Margaret Wilson
Lois Wolford
John Wulfmeyer



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