2019 Quilts Unlimited

October 5 - November 9, 2019

Each year View holds the Quilts Unlimited exhibition, which is open to all artists working in the fiber based quilting medium.

 Juror of Selection: Pat Harrison

Pat Harrison is a Certified Judge and Webmaster of the National Association of Certified Quilt Judges. She teaches, lectures, and judges nationally in addition to being a pattern designer and award-winning long-arm quilter. A retired school librarian and teacher, she has won numerous awards for her quilts at major shows. Pat lives in rural Rhode Island with her retired mechanical engineer husband.

Juror of Awards: Lorry Chwazik
When quilting, I am continuing a conversation with a history of women betrayed by the relative impermanence of their handiwork (cooking, needlework, crafts) and therefore abandoned by the pseudo-legitimate history we all learn in school, ie, a mostly male history of the acquisition of power via wars, reigns, and presidencies. Where were all the women, I often wondered while reading of yet another battle to win yet another plot of land, and why don’t we study the creation of life wrought by their hands as much if not more than the history in the textbooks? 

Perhaps the history of half of the population of our entire history lies mostly dormant because of the ephemeral nature of their primary sources: textiles, in particular, do not long survive their creators unless they are removed from the business for which they were created: providing comfort and warmth to human beings. Perhaps all the wraiths of these forgotten providers of home and security will in some future rise with their needles, sock darners, and rotary cutters, and moan and cry, “Remember me!” 

So as I study, touch, and manipulate fabric while quilting, I am often reminded that I am adding my contributions to a long history of women’s language. Our quilts are as much expressions of our inner thoughts, emotions, and convictions as any author’s text, musician’s symphony, or artist’s image. I continually cross the line between traditional and contemporary in my work, and am driven by the visual and tactile nature of my medium. My conversation varies dramatically with each piece I produce; my inner voice asks, “Do I add to the conversation today by providing comfort? …
intrigue? ...satisfaction? ...recognition?” And informing it all, a persistent request: “Remember me!” 

2019 Award Winners

Best in Show
Donors: Little Moose Lake Assn and Susan & Mark Webster
Autumn Rapture, Donna Hastings

Art Quilt 1st Place
Donors: Bernie & Rich Sunderlin
Women Rulers, Connie Farrington

Art Quilt 2nd Place
Donor: Claire Oehler
Misty Morning, Beverly Kondolf

Art Quilt 3rd Place
Donor: Sue Russell
Martin: He Got It Right, Susan Robinson

Art Quilt Honorable Mention
To Meet and To Be Met, Eileen Donovan

Bed Quilt 1st Place
Donor: Jan O’Connor
In Memory of Portia Grover Hall
Autumn Rapture, Donna Hastings

Bed Quilt 2nd Place
Donor: Mary Du Ross
Civil War Stars, Kathryn McDaniel

Bed Quilt 3rd Place
Donors: Donnie & Peter Brownsey
Holly & Mistletoe, Donna Papaleo

Bed Quilt Honorable Mention
Seaside Matrix, Margaret Sykes

Wall Quilt 1st Place
Donor: Betsi Dugan
Salsa Dance, Nancy DiDonato

Wall Quilt 2nd Place
Donor: Anne Garbarino
Bits and Pieces, Beverly Hertler

Wall Quilt 3rd Place
Donor: Anonymous
Late August, Joanna Monroe

Wall Quilt Honorable Mention
Island Lake, Wyoming, Kris Moss

Silver Needle
Best Hand Quilting
In Memory of Ceil Buckley
Civil War Stars, Kathryn McDaniel

Judge’s Choice
Donor: Linda Cohen
The Raven, Donna Papaleo

Best Traditional Quilt
Donor: Sandy White
Civil War Stars, Kathryn McDaniel

Best ADK Quilt
Donor: Crazy Moose Quilt Shop
Flight, Forest, and Field: An Adirondack Summer, Carmel Priore-Garlock

Best Use of Color
Donor: Shirley Lindsay
Seaside Matrix, Margaret Sykes

Best Machine Quilting
Donors: Connie & Art Milligan
Autumn Rapture, Donna Hastings

Best Hand Applique
Donor: Sarah Cohen
The Raven, Donna Papaleo

Best Machine Applique
Donor: Jane Davila
Quilted Village, Claire Oehler

Popular Vote
Donors: Michele and Scott deCamp
Seaside Matrix, Margaret Sykes

Seaside Matrix


All Participating Quilters 

Donnie Brownsey
Judith Craddock
Connie Danko
Marcia DeCamp
Nancy DiDonato
Eileen Donovan
Connie Farrington
Donna Hastings
Beverly Hertler
Janet Isabelle
Beverly Kondolf
Ashley Mackey
Angela Maroun
Joyce Martelli
Kathryn McDaniel
Joanna Monroe
Kris Moss
Nancy Natek
Claire Oehler
Donna Papaleo
Kathleen Parry
Carmel Priore-Garlock
Susan Robinson
Sue Ellen Romanowski
Ron Stefanak
Linda Stern
Margaret Sykes
Sherrie Turkheimer
Adele Vandenburgh

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