2020 Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors Award Winners

2020 Award Winners

The Beechmont First in Memory of Mathias J. DeVito $2,500
Donor: Rosetta DeVito and Ann & Charlie Walker, Baltimore, MD and Old Forge, NY
Three Magnolias and Silver
Laurin McCracken, AWS, NWS, TWSA-MA, WHS

The Ruth G. Rosenau Memorial Award $1,000
Donor: Lorraine Alexander, Rydal, PA and Old Forge, NY

The Morrison Family Memorial Award $1,000
Donor: R.P. Morrison Family, Vero Beach, FL and Old Forge, NY
Rough Neighborhood
Dean Mitchell, AWS, NWS, TWSA

The Judith and A. Richard Cohen Abstraction Award $500
Donor: Miriam Davis Kashiwa Fund
Dream Fragments
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum, AWS, AWS-df, NWS, WHS

The Garnet Award in Memory of Howard Slater $500
Donor: The Slater Family, Old Forge, NY
Winter Tree

Three Smart Sisters Award for Soft Edged Expressionism $500
Donor: Krisjann & John VanOpdorp, Winchester, MA, Charlene A. Davis, Oswego, NY and Jane D. VanOpdorp, Oswego, NY
Corner Market
Susan Weintraub, AWS-df, WHS

Realism in Nature Award $500
Donor: John B. Nolan, Brecksville, OH, and Arnold T. Drooz
Change Up
Catherine P. O'Neill, AWS, NWS, TWSA-MA

The Burstein Family Award (in Memory of Dorothea and Albert Gordon and Alan Burstein) $500
Donor: Mrs. Alan Burstein, Fayetteville, NY and Old Forge NY
From the Top
Chris Krupinski, AWS-df, NWS, TWSA-MA, WHS

The H. Samuel Slater Memorial Award for Landscape, Realistic or Imaginative $500
Donor: Hilary & Peter Crist, Stockton, NJ and Jennifer & Jeffrey Posner, Scottsdale, AZ
From Above and Below
Alonzo Clarke

The Arthur E. Baker, Jr. and Barbara S. Baker Memorial Award $500
Donor: The Baker Family, Santa Fe, NM, Manlius, NY, and Old Forge, NY
Randy Globus, CLWAC, NAWA

Ben Emerson Memorial: “Eye for Color” Award $400
Donor: The Emerson Family, Rochester, NY
Cool Descent
John Bierley, AWS, TWSA

Friedlander Award $400
Donor: The Sidney Friedlander Family, Oro Valley, AZ
RatindraDas, AWS-df, NWS, TWSA-MA, WHS

The Barbara Pulsifer Memorial Award $350
Donor: William Pulsifer, Rochester, NY and Old Forge, NY
Jane Stoddard

The Kashiwa Legacy Award $300
Donor: The grandchildren of Henry and Miriam Kashiwa
Strength and Struggle
Alicia Farris, AWS, NWS, WHS

Exhibition Award $300
Donor: Burkhard Evans Inc., Inlet, NY
Rocky Slope
Pat Dews, AWS-df, NWS

Gurdon and Mildred Evans Memorial Award $300
Donor: Robert Fitzgibbon& Jennifer Evans, Rome, NY
Shopping Therapy
Lois  Wolford, NWS

The Karen and Gary Lee Award $300
Donor: Karen and Gary Lee, Inlet, NY
Buggy Coming Into the City
Eileen Sudzina, AWS, IWS, WHS

Margaret and William Foley Award $250
Donor: Their Children, Utica and Old Forge, NY
Dad's View
Catherine P. O'Neill, AWS, NWS, TWSA-MA

Old Forge Hardware Store Award $250
Donor: The Old Forge Hardware Inc., Old Forge, NY
Santa Fe Square
Janine Helton

Central New York Watercolor Society Award $200
Donor: Central New York Watercolor Society, Central NY
Near Bloom
Xi Guo, AWS, NWS