2020 Quilt Award Winners

Best in Show
Donor: Little Moose Lake Assn and Susan & Mark Webster  
"Love Letters"  by Judith Craddock

Art Quilt 1st Place
Donor: Bernie and Rich Sunderlin  
"Memories in a High Rise" by Nancy Mirman

Art Quilt 2nd Place - In Memory of Richard Oehler
Donor: Claire Oehler 
"Mother and Child" by Susan Robinson

Art Quilt 3rd Place
Donor: Sue Russell 
"October Allegro" by Sue Ellen Romanowski
Art Quilt Honorable Mention
"Circle of Life #3" by Sherrie Turkheimer

Bed Quilt 1st Place - In Memory of Portia Grover Hall
Donor: Jan O’Connor  
"Unity Medallion" by Karen Leavitt Hanley

Bed Quilt 2nd Place
Donor: Mary DuRoss
"Patience" by Donnie Brownsey

Bed Quilt 3rd Place
Donor: Donnie and Peter Brownsey 
"Flower Power" by Ronald Stefanak

Bed Quilt Honorable Mention
"Stillwater Temperature Quilt" by Donnie Brownsey

Wall Quilt 1st Place
Donor: Betsi Dugan 
"Painted Shards - Before Quarantine I Was a White Bed Sheet" by Nancy DiDonato

Wall Quilt 2nd Place
Donor: Anne Garbarino 
"Shifting Perspectives" by Ronald Stefanak

Wall Quilt 3rd Place
Donor: Anonymous  
"Autumn Among the Birches" by Connie Danko

Wall Quilt Honorable Mention
"Rosa" by Rene Bracken

Silver Needle (Best Hand Quilting) - In Memory of Ceil Buckley
"Love Letters" by Judith Craddock

Judge’s Choice
Donor: Linda Cohen 
"Wominventors" by Connie Farrington

Best Traditional Quilt
Donor: Sandy White 
"Unity Medallion" by Karen Leavitt Hanley

Best ADK Quilt
Donor: Crazy Moose Quilt Shop 
"Old Forge Boat House" by Kathie Webster
Best Use of Color
Donor: Karen & Gary Lee 
"Sunset at Sea" by Karen Leavitt Hanley
Best Machine Quilting
Donor: Connie and Art Milligan 
"Flower Power" by Ronald Stefanak

Best Hand Applique
Donor: Sarah Cohen 
"Somers Mornings" by Nancy Mirman

Best Machine Applique
Donor: Jane Davila 
"As a Deer Pants for Water So My Soul Pants for the Lord" by Susan Robinson

NACQJ Award of Merit
"Painted Shards-Before Quarantine I Was a White Bed Sheet" by Nancy DiDonato