2021 Keeping with Traditions: Hexagons

September 25 - November 13, 2021

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The exhibit, “Keeping With Traditions,” at the Quilts Unlimited Exhibit is based on the heart of quilting traditions throughout the ages. Most quilters start their quilting adventures by using traditional quilting patterns and we honor that foundation by presenting an exhibit dedicated to our traditional patchwork and Applique origins.

The series continues this year with the selection of the HEXAGON pattern, with the most common example of this being the Grandmother’s Flower Garden. Apparently, the earliest expression of this pattern appeared in the 1770s and became one of the most popular patterns in England by 1830. At that time, the hexagons were hand-pieced, usually by using the English Paper-Piecing technique, and this technique is still in use as well as more updated machine methods. Other names for this pattern are Honeycomb and Mosaic.

This pattern has moved on with the times and you can find many samples of HEXIES in current books and on websites and we challenge you to design and construct your version of a HEXAGON, or HEXIES, quilt for this display. We ask that you keep the size of the quilt to no more than 48”, if possible, to enable us to hang as many of these quilts as possible. However, if your quilt is a different size, we will happily accept it.

The exhibit is open to all, and there will be a modest entry fee of $15/$10 for View Members/Non-Members, and this allows each artist to submit from one to three entries. We look forward to a good response. This will be the SIXTH year for this series, and we have been pleased and excited by the creativity, imagination and skills of the participating quilters. We invite you to join in the fun!

Important Dates
- Work must be received to View by September 17, 2021.
- Exhibition opens September 25, 2021.
- Reception will be held with Quilts Unlimited on October 1, 2021 | 5-7pm
- Exhibition closes November 13, 2021.
- Pickup unsold work begins November 15, 2021.

- Payment can be made online or in person when delivering the work.
- All works must include the artists name, title of the work on the back of the piece.

$50 Popular Vote

- View reserves the right to utilize all images submitted to Keeping with Traditions in
promotion of the exhibition and for the general promotion of View.
- View may rescind the right of hanging any work unsuitably presented or misrepresented.
- View will retain a 35% Commission on all works sold.
- Selected artwork must be suitably prepared for exhibition

Delivery of Work
- Work must be received to View by September 17, 2021.
- Work can be delivered to View, Keeping with Traditions, 3273 State Route 28, Old Forge, NY 13420, either in person, or by mail.
- All mailed works are at the expense of the artist.
- Mailed works must include return postage.

Download the Entry Form:  Keeping-with-Traditions-Entry-Form.pdf

You can print and complete the Entry Form above or click below to submit online. 

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