70th Annual Central Adirondack Art Show Award Winners

Masters Division in Memory of Edna V. Tillman

Awards Donor: Margaret Huskins


1st Place

“The Tragedy at Big Moose”

Greg Klein


2nd Place

“Adirondack River Scene”

Judy Soprano


3rd Place

“Early Morning”

Nikolay Mikushkin



 Outstanding Ceramic

Award Donors: Joseph and Bette Rintrona

“Woodland Raku Torso”

Catherine Ellsworth


Outstanding Abstract in memory of Virginia & Joseph Di Fazio

Award Donor: Beatrice Foley

“Hill Town”

Carol Saggese


Outstanding Portrait given by the Loretta Lepkowski & Peter Ostrum Family

“How I Met My Wife”

Stephen Fletcher


Stevenson Hume Evans Scholarship

Scholarship Donor: Margaret Huskins

“Silver Morning”

Alana Haehl


Masters Division


“Walnut Hill Show”

Brenda Cretney


“Crocus Games”

Martha Deming


“Early Morning Sentinel, Osprey in Balsam Tree”

Edward Donnelly


“How I Met My Wife”

Stephen Fletcher


“Old Syracuse”

Drayton Jones


“Frozen Positions”

Gregory Williams


“Otter Country”

Ann Larsen


“Hide and Seek”

Lynda Naske


“Wilderness Trail” 

David Reichard


“Woodland Cadence”

Tara Charles





1st Place

“Dipping the Midnight Breeze”

Suzanne Firsching


2nd Place

“Perky Kingfisher”

William Whitehill


3rd Place


Bette Rintrona


Drawing/Printmaking/Mixed Media

1st Place

“Departure Coming Home”

William Stephens


2nd Place

“Circle of Life 5: Spring Splendor”

Sherrie L. Turkheimer


3rd Place

“Suffolk Sunset”

Pamela Lynch


1st Place


Marybeth Sorber


2nd Place


Jana Laxa


3rd Place

“Buttermilk Falls”

Diane Bellenger




1st Place

“Orange Glow”

Gary Larsen


2nd Place

“The Glory of Dawn”

David Waite


3rd Place

“Rooted in Color”

Sherrill Barlow