All Things Wild and Wonderful: Wildlife Art by Linda Daniels

July 13 - September 22, 2019

Largest Private Collection of Linda Daniels Originals

August 1990, Linda Daniels wolves titled “The Greeting” graced the cover of Collector’s Mart Magazine. Syracuse gallery owners Brian and Carol Wood were struck by the stunning wolf trio. They immediately contacted the artist to commission a dozen small originals, I paint large Linda replied, to which Brian responded “can we start small (less expensive was what the gallery owner was asking). He was hopeful that collectors would upgrade their collections once they owned their first piece. Later, Linda would write ‘The seed you planted turned into a whole crop that keeps me in the fields these days.”

When the first 9 arrived on Friday, Carol creatively displayed them on a primitive printers’ desk. Saturday morning, enter Mike, a familiar gallery patron with A keen eye for detail. “I’ll take this one-and this one-and this one. They are all so good, how do I choose? I’ll take them all!!  Mike would go on to purchase the largest private collection of the early works by Linda Daniels. Most of the collection represents the fine detail in gouache, she later chose to master acrylic on board and eventually canvas.

It wasn’t long before The Bradford Exchange would contact Linda to offer her paintings on porcelain and Hadley House Publishing contracted with Daniels to join their stable of famous national artists.

The heirs of Mike’s estate take pride in their first offering of this impressive collection at The View Arts Center in Old Forge.

About Linda Daniels

Nationally recognized wildlife artist Linda Daniels was born in 1945. She was named Artist of the Year by the Timberwolf Alliance and also by Ducks Unlimited. Linda has exhibited in the Arts for the Parks Top 100 Tour, as well as the China Exhibition. Her art has been featured in The Best of Wildlife Art and on the covers of Wildlife Art and Collector’s Mart Magazines. Her 2007 Masterworks entry won Gallery One’s Master Palette – People’s Choice Award.

Linda discovered her interest in nature growing up in the countryside of Wisconsin and grew to love and respect Oklahoma where she now lives. She and her late husband, sculptor Don Daniels and their pack of stray dogs would hike in the thick woods and river valleys and explore the cliffs and caves, ever watchful for the signs of the abundant wildlife including wolves, cougar, deer, bear, and eagles.

Her stand on conservation is best put in her statement: “Man has as much right to dig a burrow as his fellow wildlife but he should be smart enough to not cave in the whole hill when he does.”

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