Barbara Kellogg: Gestures

June 17 - July 23, 2017

Gestures in nature and calligraphy are primary inspirations in my work.  I especially  enjoy working in a variety of water media due to the oftentimes unintended surprises and marks that can occur.  Each painting becomes an adventure and challenge and  decisions are continually made as the piece develops.  Hopefully the pleasure that I derive will be communicated to those who view this exhibition.

Barbara graduated with a BFA degree from Syracuse University in 1963.  Since then she has taught classes in her studio as well as many workshops in both New York State, Maine, Georgia and Puerto Rico. She has exhibited  locally and also nationally including exhibitions with NWS, AWS, Adirondack National Watercolor Exhibition and most recently, The Rocky Mountain Watermedia Exhibition.

For more information visit her website here.

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