More About Lewis Bryden

Bryden grew up in South Florida’s landscape of ocean, beach and sun. When he moved to New York City, he gravitated to the familiar seascapes and beach scenes he discovered in Coney Island and other New York City and New Jersey beaches. Youthful friendships and flirtations; Ferris wheels, funhouses and roller coasters; bars, food stands and restaurants with their patrons and workers; along with the endless parade strolling the Boardwalks of yesteryear became his subject. In his words: “My own particular inspiration was a fascination with people in public places who are acting out their private dramas. It was not exhibitionism I was after, but an unfeigned, typically American pursuit of pleasure….”

Bryden is first and foremost a painter. The nearly life-size scale of the paintings underscores their narrative realism and vitality. Impasto paint, color and light are carefully executed by the artist to further animate the human stories he chronicles. The artist combines his powers of observation and proficiency at portraiture along with his talent for landscapes and waterscapes in this tour de force exhibition.

Lewis Bryden is a great and long-standing friend to View. Since the early years he has supported and enabled View to deliver its Mission. In 2012 he created and gifted a bronze sculpture titled “Nature as Muse” to commemorate the lives of his wife Betsy’s parents- Elizabeth Elliot and Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. who were long time summer residents of Old Forge as well as avid art collectors. This graceful bronze young girl reaching up to a bird is permanently installed in the Mallinckrodt Garden across from the entrance at View.