Captured in Acrylics: Paintings by Tim Ames

March 21 - July 19, 2020
A portion of Captured in Acrylics: Paintings by Tim Ames will remain on display in our Gould Hallway. 
While oils, watercolor and pastels have been around for hundreds of years, acrylics have struggled to gain acceptance since they were introduced less than 70 years ago. New methods of application and treatment, as well as new materials, are continually being developed to take advantage of the diversity and range of this relatively new medium. Skilled acrylic artists are now able produce works of art equal to that of the skilled artists using  established mediums.
 Acrylics enable me to celebrate the light, colors, and atmosphere of the natural and manufactured subjects around us with energetic interpretations of iconic landscapes, mountain streams and waterscapes.

I was in my 50’s before I became enthralled with painting, and have been on a quest for improvement for over 20 years. I have had no formal training, but to say that I am “self” taught is a bit of a stretch, since, over the years, I have accumulated and digested a massive library of art books by many of the best artists and instructors available. My journey, so far, has resulted in a preference for acrylics as my medium and a Representational style that could be defined as a combination of Realism and Impressionism. As a landscape painter, I am drawn to the beauty that surrounds us and have specialized in showcasing the picturesque allure of upstate New York, in addition to the vibrant attraction that is Cape Cod. I am often asked who my favorite artist is, and it’s a tough question to answer, since so many, both old and new, are inspirational. However, I do have a favorite... Modern Master, Richard Schmid. His body of work (landscape, portrait and still life) has a vibrancy and excitement that is unparalleled. My work has won over 60 awards in local and Statewide shows as well as National and International competitions, including 5 Best of Show and 13 First Place Awards.        ~ Tim Ames

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