September 19 - October 31, 2020

cor·ro·sion: the process of corroding metal, stone, or other materials. 

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As a natural dyer, the golden color of rust has always meant much more to me than any other
color in the spectrum. It wasn’t an easy color to achieve until I started to experiment with a few
pieces of rusted metal that I found on the street, which led me to a creative journey through
different media such as silk, wool, cotton, and paper. As a traditional wool felter, my creations
are the results of fusing the ancient art form of feltmaking with modern techniques. While
working on my traditional felting, I discovered a great passion for the Korean art of Joomchi, and
now this passion continues as I explore the effects of corrosion on paper. 

I use rust and tea dyeing as a way to symbolize scars and pain caused by a number of
problems, in the hopes that solutions can be found by raising awareness through artistic
expression. This dyeing technique was very effective in “Corrosive Epidemic” to symbolize that
the opioid addiction is a corrosive epidemic that leaves too many lives marked and scarred.

Stitching is another technique that I use to represent scars. In the piece “The Scars We Carry”,
the thousands of tiny stitches represent all the scars that women carry from the moment we are
born, and how we have been “stitching” them with our persistence, diligence, passion, strength,
care and emotional intelligence, while at the same time drawing strength from our deepest
wounds, some which never fully close.

Through my work I also hope to raise awareness of the problems of climate change, while
highlighting solutions we can embrace to mitigate the threats and adapt to new environmental
realities. My hope is that all of my work can inspire a more ethical society working towards
stronger families and communities upon a more sustainable planet.

Eva Camacho-Sánchez is a textile artist born and raised in Spain. Her work uses 100% natural
materials and sustainable raw materials, all with an emphasis on low- impact creative processes
like reduced water consumption. Through her work she hopes to raise awareness of the
problems of climate change, as well as the solutions we can embrace to mitigate the threats and
adapt to a changing environment.

Eva's artistic passion came alive when, as an adult, she discovered the art of felting. She starts
by hand-dyeing the wool, which is then felted into silk. To create patterns, she uses techniques
such as hand-stitching and printing. Her work is the result of the fusion of the ancient art form of
feltmaking with modern techniques. Although she is devoted to felt, she has also been intrigued
by other mediums, fibers and fabrics.

Eva has been selling her work in numerous art shows over the past six years. In December of
2015 she received the Award of Distinction in Fiber Wearables from the Society of Arts and

Crafts in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 Eva received the 1st, 2nd and 3rd
place Awards in the Wearable Accessories Category and Wearable Art Category at the Fiber
Celebration Exhibition in the Community Creative Center, Fort Collins, Colorado. In 2016 she
was invited to be part of the Pentaculum Artist Residency in Arrowmont School of Arts and
Crafts. In 2017 she received an award from the Surface Design Association, and was invited to
be part of the 2017 Mass MoCA Artist Residency. Her work has appeared in numerous
magazines and newspapers, including Martha Stewart Living Magazine and the New York
Times, as well as in fiber books such as Worldwide Colours of Felt and Artistry in Fiber.

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