Gary Price, Sarah Price, & Peter Rashford

July 22 - October 1, 2017

Gary Price

Gary Price, a native of Utica, NY, began drawing at the age of three and started painting in oils by the age of ten. He graduated from the Art Institute of Boston, majoring in Illustration. Upon graduation, he was faced with the dilemma of how to support himself as an artist. Showing his portfolio to Boston ad agencies, Gary found there was little market for his paintings. So Gary began to develop a cartoon style and his paintings were put on hold. He then began his career as a freelance illustrator/cartoonist.

For years Gary’s cartoons illustrated stories for the national children’s magazines Humpty Dumpty and Children’s Digest. His cartoons for advertising include work for Converse Sneaker, Carrier Corporation, The New York State Fair and Boston Magazine to name a few.
In 1976, Gary moved back to Utica and founded Price Design. Price Design serves local and national clients specializing in Illustration and Graphic Design. In 2001, Gary was joined in business by his daughter, artist Sarah Price.

In 1997 Gary returned to his boyhood love of painting. “I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush in 15 years. Today, I easily juggle painting and cartooning. I enjoy doing both equally.” Gary’s paintings have won numerous awards in local and regional exhibits.

" My objective is to tell a story with my artwork. A story created without words, but symbols, that have a universal meaning to all of us... a rose, a fence, a rainbow. The paintings are story book places that the viewer can visit. If the viewer has a different interpretation of the symbols than the one I intended, this is their own creation, for which I am happy. A door is opened for their own place."


Sarah Price

Sarah Price is a native of Central New York. She is an honors graduate of Cazenovia College where she earned a BFA in Visual Communications. Since 2001, she has been the co-owner of Price Design, a business started by her father, Gary. Price Design specializes in Illustration and Graphic Design.

"I am a digital artist. I view the computer as another tool of the art trade that can be used to create much like a paintbrush, a pencil or a mound of clay. My art begins as a vision... then a sketch... which is refined and revisited. The final drawing is scanned and rendered in Adobe Illustrator. Many people do not see digital art as 'real art' . New ideas are often met with resistance. It is my wish that in the future, digital art will be as widely accepted and seen in the same light as other art forms."

Sarah’s art has been on display at various exhibitions including Arthouse.NYC in SoHo, Manhattan and The Cooperstown Art Association National Exhibition where she earned the Thomas Goodyear Prize for Humorous Artwork. Her preferred medium is digital illustration.
Along with her digital art, Sarah has sold over 300 small polymer clay sculptures throughout the United States. Her sculptures have been featured on the Polyform Products Sculpey Clay page for “Fan Friday” twice. Sculpey clay uses 3 of Sarah’s sculptures at events to show what can be created with their products.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys playing piano, cooking and reading. Sarah currently resides in Whitesboro, NY.

She is currently seeking a publisher for her first children’s book “The Magic Umbrella”. To see more of her art, visit artbysarahprice.com or follow her on facebook at facebook.com/artbysarahprice


Peter Rashford


Peter began working in art at an early age. His mother created art and passed interest in the arts onto her son. She introduced and encouraged artistic skills. Since the first dabbles Peter has explored various media, techniques, and subjects.

While his artistic style matured Peter enjoyed viewing the works of the Old Masters. Their ability to create a natural look using various media is to this day a source of amazement. With strokes of inventive genius, brush, and pen Leonardo DaVinci altered the course of civilization. The works of Salador Dali proved that offering works with unusual subject matter is an acceptable form of artistic expression. Absorbing art pioneers Peter began a journey that attempts to transform his imagination into visuals that seem tangible to the viewer, terming this form of art Realistic Fantasy.

Peter exerts his artistic skills in a wide variety of medium. Especially adept at pen & ink, acrylics, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, colored inks and pencils, airbrush, serigraphy, computer generated images and animation. His art leans toward realistic landscapes and wildlife, fantasy, and a dab of abstract.

Peter majored in art and math at Clinton Central School, Clinton, NY. He received an Associate in Applied Science degree in 1977 from Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica, NY, majoring in Advertising, Design, and Production. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1979 from Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse, NY, majoring in Illustration. Peter is sole proprietor of the custom creative services business Midair Studio. Producing and distributing limited edition prints and serigraphs, original art, graphics, illustration, murals, graphic design, and video production.


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