It's A Mystery

September 26 - October 24, 2020

Generally, when you choose a quilt project, you choose a design and then select your fabrics based on the design. With a Mystery Quilt you only know, from the instructions given to you, the yardages required and whether you need to select lights, mediums or darks (and/or shades in between)

The design is revealed to you, step by step, until the Big Reveal in the final step.

The winter group of the Old Forge Pointed Pine Quilters engaged in a Mystery Quilt Project in the beginning months of 2020 and this display shows the results of our efforts. What we cannot show you is the fun we shared in following along with the instructions and ultimately seeing the final result. We hope you enjoy seeing the quilts that are the final product of our project!

Clicker below to see the online exhibition
mystery link sm

(This quilt is from a pattern by Bonnie Caffrey)


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