September 28 - November 2, 2019

Our small art group enjoys making slice quilts and in 2018 challenged ourselves with a different approach. The quaint buildings and unique history of Katonah, NY caught our fancy. In the 1890sThe City of New York Water Supply planned the construction of dams north of the city to create a water supply system. Much of the area would flood and the original Katonah was condemned. Rather than abandon their beloved hamlet, the townspeople hoisted their homes and stores up on soaped rollers and used draft horses to pull over 50 buildings to higher ground - the heart of present day Katonah. Working from an old drawing and new photographs, we sliced the main street of Katonah into 6 sections and created our own versions of familiar buildings.

Participants: Judy Gignesi, Gloria Michaelis, Nancy Mirman, Lynn Schwager, Barbara Sferra and Joyce Sullivan

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