Mountain Air Painters: Painting Together en Plein Air

March 31 - May 27, 2018

The Mountain Air Painters, formerly called Thursday Painters, has been meeting weekly (Thursday!) from spring through fall in various locations to create together. It is unclear when the group was first organized, but early member Gordon Bashant, knows that even before he joined the group about 1995, it was led by Lloyd Schaeffer for some years. Perhaps during this exhibit we’ll be able to determine when the group was originally formed. In the past decade the group has expanded so that now, from May to October, you are likely to find a dozen or two of us sharing our love of creating outdoors, meeting at private camps, in one of the area villages, at parks or popular tourist destinations. In recent years we organize and publicize our schedule a month or so in advance, varying the setting and atmosphere. View is our “go to” place if the weather doesn’t cooperate, but Thursday weather has been very favorable the past few years. Most of us are painters: oil, watercolor, pastel or acrylic, but we encourage any form of artistic expression, so a few of us might arrive with a camera or even a fishing pole!

Our e-mail list of 50 or so includes people who participate regularly, those who visit the area at certain times each summer and join us when they can, as well as a few who wish they were able to join us and hope to in the future - usually when they retire and are able to spend more time in the Adirondacks. All are welcome, whether new to finding their form of expression or those who are experienced artists. Artists, we believe, are generous by nature, wanting to encourage others to dip their toes in - pick up a pencil and pad to start sketching. Any one of us are happy to share our supplies and stories of how we got started. From the sidelines Mirnie Kashiwa has been a cheerleader for our group and she often shared her enthusiasm with e-mail messages of encouragement. We are so pleased to remember that last summer we gathered at her home to paint together and enjoy her company and stories.

Whether it’s via email (throughout the winter wherever we happen to be - Georgia, Utica, Syracuse, Florida, California!) or in person the group is welcoming and encouraging……our slogan is “Let’s Paint”! The group forms each week with chatter of greetings and “what’s new's”, followed by quiet conversations while we create. After a few hours of “work” we gather for a group discussion and gentle critique - a chance to ask questions, share ideas, create opportunities for growth as artists and always time for some laughter, personal celebrations and expressions of gratitude to be together in our breathtaking Adirondack Mountains to share our love of our art.

Please join our dynamic group at the exhibit’s reception on May 4th from 5-7 p.m.  Refreshments and many excited Mountain Air Painters will be there to greet you.

Featured Artists: 

Gordan Bashant
Judson Brown
Diane Davis
Judy Dimbleby
Patti Engelbrecht
Montana Fletcher
Paula Ann Ford
Maureen Heroux
Sybil Johnson
Patrick Knapp
Judy Levins
Sue Morris
Ron Rakowski
Robert Riker
Sandra Rooney
Donna Stoner
Ingrid Van Slyke
Constance L Watkins
Linda Weal
Jeanne Whyte

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