Myths & Legends of the Adirondacks Vol. 2

October 28, 2017 - March 17, 2018

This is the second volume for an ongoing exhibition series that visually explores the myriad Myths & Legends of Upstate New York. Volume 2 features new work by Suzanne Firsching, John Golden, and Doug Jamieson. This exhibition will also include new works from artists participating in Myths & Legends of the Adirondacks Vol. 1, Stephen Fletcher, Greg Klein and Peter Seward.


Suzanne Firsching
My works of figurative art are done with live models, I strive to achieve the like ness of the model and the muscle tone and expression has much to do with the out come. My gothic style masks are done in a abstract form, I enjoy creating these sculptures because they are not real therefore I can let my imagination run wild, they are playfully sinister ,it's hard not to smile when you encounter one. My collages are simple and to the point, I try to keep the story easily read.

Suzanne has been active as an artist for many years. She has studied under sculptors James McDermid, John VonBergen , and master sculptor Philippe Farant. Suzanne has served on the board of Sculpture Space... a world wide art organization. After serving several years, she still remains active. Suzanne's sculptures consist of both realistic and abstract, having won several awards for both.
Other awards include many 1st places, 5 time winner of the Henry Dispirito award . Suzanne has been in the master's division several times in various galleries. She has won Best Of Show for 2 different events 1st at the Dodge Pratt Northam Arts Center, "Surviving War show".,and best of show 2013 and 2016 Munson Williams Proctor Institute ''Arts Festival in the sculpture division. Suzanne has done many solo shows, including Delevan Art center in Syracuse, The Stanley Performing Arts Center in Utica, The New Hartford library, The Old Forge Library and The Kirkland Library,The Rome Art and Community Center, also at SUNYIT at the Gannett Gallery. Suzanne has been in numerous Arts Festival shows at MWPI in Utica New York. Suzanne has judged art shows from central New York through the north country. Suzanne has taught several work shops on both her sculptural leafs and her true to life plaster face masks. Art is truly her greatest passion and sharing it with others is very special to her.

John Golden

John Ashton Golden grew up in the rural area of Lewis County, New York, and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois with his two cats and an ever-growing collection of books and collectibles. He is an accomplished and prolific professional illustrator and designer, working in a variety of fields and applications. John’s greatest artistic passion is sequential art and graphic storytelling, and he is currently developing a variety of comic book projects.

Doug Jamieson

Doug Jamieson began etching out of a love of Rembrant’s dazzling skill, Goya’s dark interior world and Max Klinger’s psychological storytelling. He draws upon a lifelong interest in mythology that mixes the archaic with the modern, crosses cultural boundaries and intermingles original intent in order to create new narratives that explore darkness, whimsy and dreams.

Jamieson holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and is the Author of the book, “Draw from Your Head: A Step-by-Step System of Drawing the Human Figure,” published by Watson Guptil. He has also self-published, “Nighttime Adventures of the Man in the Conical Hat,” a book of his etchings and poetry. Before moving to Treadwell, NY, Doug lived and worked in NYC. He was a freelance Illustrator and courtroom Artist. He now teaches classes at various venues in Delaware and Otsego Counties as well as from his studio in Treadwell.

Stephen Fletcher

It seems as long as I have been involve in the arts, I have been chasing the mysteries of light and shadow. Light has always intrigued me in the way it lands, bends and reflects on water, objects, animals and people. In my paintings I incorporate mood as well as a sense of place and time in contrasting shapes, colors, light and shadow. Ever since I was young I have had a fascination with the Adirondack region and its inhabitants. Therefor many of my works involve the many subjects within. In each piece I like to tell a tale in which the viewer can develop their own story. I work within my moods. My paintings may reflect my political views, regional assumptions, religion or anything that peeks my imagination. I like to reflect the sad, heartfelt, sarcastic, tragic, disturbing and sometimes humorous life and times in the mountains. I sincerely hope that in viewing my work, each person can bring away with them a feeling and a mental image of a tale that effected them in some way.

Born in 1967 in Utica, New York, Stephen T. Fletcher is a notable force in this generations Adirondack art scene. Fletcher started painting in oils at a very young age with the influence of his mother who was a hobby artist. He studied Commercial Art, Advertising and Design and Later attended Munson Williams Proctor art Institute for fine arts. At Munson Williams Proctor he learned technique and color theory. He ran an open studio helping other students with color theory and painting. After attending taught classes for several years he went on to explore independent studies. Fletcher delved deep into the design, color, and theory of such artists as Rembrandt, Hopper, Frederick Church, Thomas Cole, Salvador Dali and many more, subsequently refining his own visual and conceptual vocabulary of style, contrast, color, and sense of place and time.
Fletcher's work has won numerous awards and can be found in a myriad of public places and private art collections both in the United States and abroad, and has been seen in numerous exhibitions. He currently lives and creates his paintings in Forestport, New York.


Greg Klein

I am attracted to the light, textures, colors and patterns of the subjects I paint. My interpretations are not always literal and my goal is to provoke a deep emotion while creating a powerful composition.

Greg Klein attaches myth to space and location. His muted palette and attention to mood assist in setting the tone for the stories he tells. Klein’s lonely images of lost cabins and camps reveal a rich sense of history both of the Adirondacks and to the history of painting itself, especially the Romantic tradition.


Peter Seward

I grew up as one of five children. We didn’t fully appreciate our artist-parents’ efforts to introduce us to painting and majestic landscapes. After all these years, I am embracing early influences shaped by geography in my paintings. I worked professionally as an illustrator behind the scenes in New York City for two decades. Since moving to the Adirondack Park in 2004, I’m conscious of being part of the continuum of the Hudson River
School. My recent body of work, entitled “Stealth Towers,” has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions in upstate New York, New York City, New Mexico and Connecticut.

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