Near & Far: Landscape Paintings by Stephen Horne

November 24, 2017 - March 17, 2018

Stephen Horne is an artist who has made his home in the Northern Adirondacks for over thirty years. Yet Horne, like many American landscapists before him, has sought to explore the color, light and texture of locations far away from his home.

His visual wanderings have taken him to the pastoral farm fields of Central New York, the rocky sea coast of Nova Scotia and wind-swept, sandy Florida dunes. In each, Horne has discovered a new palette and a refreshing view of what it means to “see.”

After a forty-year career as an editorial cartoonist, illustrator and museum exhibit designer, Stephen Horne has returned to paints and canvas, with an eye to landscapes here at home, and far away on distant coastlines. Working in acrylic and oil, Horne has spent the last few years exploring these worlds, marveling at the forest floors on trails near his home in Paul Smiths, NY, to be then stunned, on vacation, by the roiling seascapes of Nova Scotia and beach dunes and sunsets of Florida.

The dense Forest Preserve out my back door forces me to see a landscape of detail, within a few feet, full of the rich greens and browns of the Northern Boreal forest. So, when I travel to the coast—Cape Breton, Ocracoke, NC or Sanibel Island, FL in particular— I am amazed by a world of practically endless horizons, barren of trees, blasted by wind or lit by an entirely different sunlight. I ricochet between the two worlds in my paintings, and am happy for it.

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