Lorraine Van Hatten: Watercolor Sampler

February 16 - May 18, 2019


    This “Watercolor Sampler” is a collection of  paintings, showing a wide diversity of style and subject matter. This selection ranges from figurative works, animals, birds, landscape, architecture and flowers. I frequently change the local color to create harmony and add or eliminate objects to enhance the final painting. I may utilize numerous techniques to capture my initial reaction to the subject matter. Sometimes experimental color and/or technique is what drives the work, and sometimes it’s a realistic presentation. I love working in watercolor, especially trying to to capturing the effects of light and shadow.

   I create compositions that offer a glimpse into my varied world. Active with gardening, bicycling, skiing or hiking, any one of these is potential suggest subject matter for a future watercolor. I find beauty in the every day, we all need to slow down and observe what is before our eyes. I hope the viewer can sense the joy I experience while creating my paintings.

       Lorraine Van Hatten is a life-long artist, who lives in the countryside near Barneveld, NY with her husband and two cats. She took an early retirement from an evolving career in the graphic arts (due to the modern changes in the printing industry and especially the development of the modern computer). A graduate of MVCC (Advertising Design) and SUC at Buffalo (Graphic Design),  she is a Signature member of Central New York Watercolor Society (CNYWS). Her work is frequently exhibited in the central NY region. Always working toward a goal of excellence, she has been juried into these national watercolor venues: the Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA) and the Adirondack National Exhibition of American Watercolors (ANEAW).

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