Paradigm Shift: Visual Reflections by Robert Imundo

January 10 - May 23, 2015

Old Forge, New York based artist and designer Robert Imundo presents a fantastical body of work that draws on dreams, surrealism, and mysticism. In a series of oil paintings and graphite drawings Imundo creates a world where rocks float and trees grow as mirrored images of themselves. 

Imundo has spent his entire life creating in various forms; working as a designer and a sign maker, while creating works in oil paints and graphite. His creative output has spanned a variety of forms and subject matters, often influenced by the natural world. His paintings of animals and natural settings have been very popular in the Adirondack area, while he has also worked in portraiture. Paradigm Shift is his first solo exhibition and the first to present the more surreal side of his artistic investigations.

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