The Natural Side Of Things: The Wildlife Art of David Kiehm

June 20 - July 26, 2015

2013 BBC Wildlife artist of the year, David Kiehm brings his stunning paintings of owls, ravens and hawks and other fauna of the Upstate New York Region. Kiehm has worked for years as a wildlife artist, winning many awards and has had his work published in Sports Afield and Field and Stream.

Inspiration for me has always come from the natural world. As I constantly search for subjects, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the infinite possibilities that appear everywhere. I love that everything around me can become a painting. The hard part is to scale down all I see and create an interesting design that will excite and challenge the eye.

My choice of mediums is never decided until I have finalized the design. Some subjects and designs just dictate oil colors or watercolor, or maybe a mixed medium approach. The decision comes down to the light and texture I want to try to capture.

It is important for me as an artist to not only intrigue but inspire through my work. A spark of wonder or a faint memory of an interesting encounter is all I can ask for from the viewer. Paintings should be enjoyed on many levels, but I don’t want to complicate my work with obscure conceptual imagery. To simply enjoy a painting for its color, light and subject is a goal I will always pursue. 

- David Kiehm

In addition to his exhibition Kiehm will be lending his eye with Melissa Groo to the selection and awards of the For the Birds.

For more of David's work visit his website: www.deaddriftstudio.com 

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