Jean Stephens and Raphaela McCormack: Where Two Women and Nature Converge

March 24 - June 10, 2018

Raphaela McCormack 

I was born in the West of Ireland, where I lived until my late twenties. The vast ocean, the barren land with its bent trees, the wind sending clouds racing across big skies, the brown bogs, stretching as far as the eye can see, grey stone walls circumscribe fields, creating landscapes in gaps between the stones and the ancient mountains cloaked in sweet smelling gorse, live in my bones. This land is always in me and my work is inspired by it. To begin, my soul is touched by a moment in my current life. As I reflect on this, Ireland’s textures, colours, material and forms provide the language to capture the meaning of this experience. I create my vessels in accordance with this root language. Abaca fibre, rope, driftwood, stones, seed pods and other detritus are the rudiments of this vernacular. Vessels are my major form and provide an ideal vehicle to explore my inner and outer worlds. I embark on a journey with each idea and see this as a dance between creator and created. When the vessel transcends my initial idea, my story is complete and the vessel is ready to continue its journey beyond me.

Jean K Stephens

A love of organic form and a spiritual connection to nature is at the heart of my still life drawings and oil paintings. Natural forms collected from the ocean’s edge, deep woods and the land surrounding my home are placed on man made surfaces such as weathered wood, pages from my Great- Grandmother’s autograph book, or old postcards. In this process, I am exploring the juxtaposition of what nature and humans leave behind, revealing an incongruent beauty.

My artwork expresses an inward journey toward my true feminine nature. Guidance from spiritual teachers, inner work and the practice of yoga have provided glimpses of divine presence and the knowledge that everything is connected. Excitement comes where brush meets canvas and pencil touches paper, where trust allows the universal to speak.

A Rochester, New York native, I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters in Art Education from Rochester Institute of Technology. My desire for additional training has led to study with Carol Marine, John Whalley and the late Thomas Buechner. My paintings have been selected for national juried exhibitions, and are included in private and corporate collections. I offer instruction in oil painting and drawing in my Works Road Studio in Honeoye Falls New York. To contact me and view more of my work, visit - www.jeankstephens.com

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